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I’m Daniel Wallis, a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Adviser & proud owner of Future Vision Fitness.

I started Future Vision Fitness in 2017, whilst working at my previous office job in London. I was fortunate in that I was able to train colleagues in the gym as part of a corporate deal in my spare time. This quickly proved to be a handful to juggle as when starting this, my wife was 5 months pregnant with our second little boy and our eldest only having just turned a year old. In order to run my personal training sessions, I needed to leave home at 5am to get into London and train my clients at 7am, to then be in work for just after 8am. I did this so I could leave early and rush home to spend a very short 30 minutes with my son before he went to bed. This was not only draining from a physical aspect but also mentally. I knew deep down I couldn’t keep this up and after the birth of my second child, I decided to commit to what I knew was my true passion, which is to help as many people as I can through the tools I have developed and continue to develop within health & fitness.  I set about creating a business which would allow me to follow my passion as well as create an environment where I can see my family and have a much healthier work/life balance, something which far too many of us struggle to have.

How & Why I do what I do

I’ve always known that I wanted to help others, I just didn’t know how I was going to do it. When I was 5 years old, my mother was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and unbeknown to her, given only a year to live (apologies for the somewhat morbid start, however it’s important to know the raw details to understand where a big piece of my WHY comes from), long story short, my mum to this day has continued to baffle doctors and professors alike as to how she is still going. The rewards of this are obvious, she has had the opportunity to see her children grow up into adults and see her become a grandmother to 4 beautiful grandchildren. Unfortunately the implications of the tumour and subsequent treatment had a detrimental effect on my mother’s health. I grew up with the immense pain of wanting to ‘fix’ my mum but could only watch on helplessly as simple abilities such as walking became a great struggle. The constant inability to help my mum shattered not only my confidence but severed any self-esteem, which followed me into to my early 20s. It was at this point at my lowest (and my heaviest I might add, comfort food is real!) I realised that I could either  give up or do something about it. I thought of my mum and family and the incredible strength and courage they found to keep going, keep pushing and not give in and so that, for me, was my starting drive. From there I joined the gym and over the following months, my appearance had started to change but what I gained was so much more than a physical aspect,  I started to claw back some of that confidence I had lost and my mind became sharper and stronger as a result of exercising. Fast forward two/ three years and my wife and I had just found out we were expecting our first child. At this intense magical moment of finding out I was going to be a father, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life and how to set about achieving it.

The burning feeling to want and help cure my mum had created the main drive to do what I do and yet finding out I was going to be a father was what unlocked it. Over those many years growing up I developed an endless hunger of wanting to help others and this has translated into ensuring I help others achieve their goals, whatever they may be, so they can continue living longer, fuller and healthier lives for the rest of their future.

Steve Jobs said “you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards”. Without getting too spiritual, everything that has happened in my life thus far has led to this amazing path, one in which I can help others through the tools I continue to develop in health and fitness,  as I know it’s not just a physical aspect that changes peoples’ lives but most importantly the vast mental benefits it has for everyone.

I appreciate that this is not what you would usually expect to see on a personal trainer’s website, however I’m not your usual personal trainer and it’s important for you to know where this passion comes from. It’s real, it’s raw and for many, it’s relatable to some extent or another. I put it out there to let you know that you can get through anything and a great source of dealing with any mental or physical issues is through the power of exercise. That’s where I fit into the mix and where I can help you!

Why Future Vision Fitness?

What separates me from any other regular gym? First & foremost, the gym itself. The 1-1 training facility is a professionally designed cabin, built for the sole purpose as a private gym venue setting within my garden. One of the main reasons for the choice of venue is that unfortunately I too often hear, whether it be from friends, family, colleagues etc. that either themselves or people they know who are wanting to have a healthier lifestyle, can often find gyms rather intimidating places to be. Especially when starting out and as a result, in some cases have been completely put off by the idea. This to me, as a trainer, is an incredibly sad thing to hear, as this should never be the case when we are talking about someone’s health.

The gym allows the client complete privacy on-to-one to one coaching basis and all clients, new or experienced, can train in a professional & peaceful environment.

The equipment within the facility is extremely practical and versatile, allowing for a full range of exercises to assist you whatever the goal maybe, without having to walk from one machine to the next, or waiting in line for that next machine or treadmill to become available. With that said, the outside area has also been fully laid with artificial grass, allowing for training sessions to be carried both in and out of the gym all year round.  

Bearing in mind that the gym, be it a commercial facility or private one, may not be for everyone and actually achieving your goals from the comfort of your own home is actually better suited to your needs, then I do also offer home visits whereby I can provide an array of equipment to ensure we are maximising your sessions to the fullest, from the comfort of your home.

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