Having spent my 30s and 40s in a desk job and doing very little consistent exercise, I found that slowly I had become increasingly out of shape as well as frustrated and down about the state of my health. I was also concerned about the health risks of continuing to live the way I was doing as a woman heading towards my 50s.

Getting fit again though always seemed like an insurmountable task, I didn’t feel I had the motivation or knowledge to get to where I needed to on my own. I was never much of a gym goer and physical constraints had limited the types of exercise I could do as well as the amount and intensity. Having the opportunity to train with Dan however has made such a difference in my ability to get back on the road to fitness. Dan’s positive attitude and holistic approach to personal training is a breath of fresh air. He has an unending passion for what he is doing and that in itself is an inspiration to carry on pushing the boundaries and question the reasons behind why you might not be leading the healthy lifestyle that is holding you back from feeling good.

As well as having the relevant expert knowledge, Dan’s approach is highly personalised and his programmes carefully tailored to individuals’ needs. He makes you feel comfortable throughout training, whatever shape and size you might be. I’d thoroughly recommend Dan over any other personal trainers that I’ve used over the years. Fundamentally, he’s a really decent bloke and sincere in his intention to help others feel good and benefit from his journey to health.

Maria G, Chiswick

Dan and I were work colleagues for 5 years and during this time I watched him find his love for the gym and the incredible transformation he went through, not just physically but mentally too. When Dan mentioned to me that he was studying to become a personal trainer, I jumped at the chance to start training with him. I had always felt intimidated by PTs at the gym, but as Dan is so relatable, I knew that I could trust him with the journey I was about to go on.

Dan has a really natural way about him and knew exactly when to push me, but also when I needed a slightly easier session…. this meant that I always left feeling motivated and looking forward to the next one! There was never any shouting or humiliation, just pure encouragement and belief….. and best of all, he helped me to achieve self-belief, which is something I can now carry with me.

When I mentioned to Dan that I wanted to run the London Marathon, he knew exactly how to get me there and tailored my workouts to build strength, stamina but most of all, mentally prepared me for the grit and determination I needed to run 26.2 miles!

Dan’s training sessions were so much more than a physical workout, as he would also spend time discussing my diet, sleep patterns and overall mental wellbeing. He tailored every workout to my short and long term goals and when I couldn’t manage something, Dan would provide a variation that allowed me to build up to the full exercise.

Selfishly, I am really sad that Dan is no longer at work to train and motivate me… however I am so proud that his Future Vision Fitness dream is now a reality and will be regularly making the hourly drive to his home to keep training with him.

Joanna B, Sutton

I started working with Daniel following a long period of immobility in my left arm due to a frozen shoulder. I had suffered 7 months of severe pain and once the pain had gone, desperately needed to gain the strength back in my arm and mobility, along with getting fit again myself.

Daniel has tailored his workout sessions to my very individual needs, and we have charted my progress and arm mobility weekly – which has seen tremendous improvement.

However, the crowning glory came last week when I was visiting Norway and was able to climb up high to get to the Briksdal Glacier – I know this would not have been possible had I not started personal training with Daniel, who got my fitness levels up substantially. My husband couldn’t believe I managed it, and without complaining!

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Daniel as a Personal Trainer.

Katrina Smith, Horsham

Dear Daniel, 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help you gave me with my program and the personal training to get me started. The workouts were doable but challenging and you kept me motivated when I needed it! 

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services. 

Tracey O’Brien , Horsham

It is never easy to admit you need a hand with something, especially when that thing is the very thing we are all expected to get right by ourselves. Nutrition and fitness are often the first thing to go when life gets in the way and yet without them in place, we set ourselves up to underachieve. 

I approached Daniel about 4 months ago to see if he could help me. Without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made is having him come alongside me and help me to get back on track. I have lost almost half the weight I wanted to already and he has pushed me significantly further than I would have been able to do myself alone at a gym. He takes great care and is meticulous about form and attention to detail when it comes to safe lifting techniques. 

Daniel has helped me to regain lost confidence and inspired me to eat better. With this renewed energy, I am better equipped to deal with what the world throws at me each day. 

I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you Daniel. As you say to your clients, together we achieved. 

Rory Berry , Horsham